Reference projects

American Diagostica GmbH
Support for the establishment of the German branch. Close cooperation with the management in the USA (Member of Executive Committee). Definition and support of new diagnostic product developments in the field of special coagulation. Conception and implementation of classic and internet-supported marketing campaigns; for this purpose, development and provision of scientific information in written form and as presentations (written and digital). Direct support of the local management in setting up the subsidiary and a turnover growth from 0 to over 10 million €.

In 2018 acquisition of the “Specialty Coagulation” business unit of American Diagnostica GmbH by ImmBioMed GmbH Co KG. Continuation but also further development of the product portfolio, especially with selected international partner companies.

Consulting on scientific information issues, (i) ad hoc for customer enquiries and (ii) strategically as a basis for national and international (worldwide) internet-supported marketing campaigns for selected products of the LOXO product portfolio Technical content support in the implementation of these campaigns, in the further development of the web presence ( and in the further development of the product portfolio. The latter by identifying and approaching new suppliers and support in the preparation of distribution contracts.

Laboratory medical practice 1
Definition and practical development of special test procedures, including molecular biological ones, in the fields of “neurostress genetics” and “special infection diagnostics”.

Medical laboratory practice 2
Design and development of a test portfolio for a laboratory physician’s specialty practice with a focus on immunology, genetics and special human pathogenic infections. Scientific advice and practical support in the establishment and the associated quality assurance measures. In the past 10 years, this has involved detection methods for over 100 diagnostic parameters. Also scientific and technical support in marketing measures for the newly established parameters, in the form of publications (“white papers”) and so-called landing pages on the Internet.

Laboratory practice 3
Support for the definition, development and practical IVDR-compliant establishment of new genetic testing methods in the fields of “neurotransmitter and micronutrient metabolism” and “immune status diagnostics”.

Dr. Bieger: Special Practice for Neurostress, Munich
Together with the specialist and practice owner, development and implementation of scientific information on the special services offered by the practice. Support of content development and technical establishment of the website; production of information videos/youtube channel and white papers as download info. Through these measures, establishment of a well-used expert information offer for those affected, who get to know and possibly use the special practice’s offer in this way: over 500,000 visits to date.

Conference organisation Heidelberg
Support in the development and implementation of marketing measures. A main project was the conception, supporting organisation, scientific management and moderation of a series of seminars in Heidelberg entitled “Heidelberg Neuro-Workshop”. This also includes the development and operation of the digital registration procedure and the recording and digital provision of the lecture contents. The seminar series is now in its 6th year and is regularly fully booked with up to 100 participants.

Specialist practice for pathology
Professional management and further development of dermato-pathologically relevant molecular biological diagnostics. Development and implementation of a QM system; currently implementing the current aspects of the new IVDR, with a special focus on “lab-developed tests”. Development and maintenance of a practice website.

Diagnostics manufacturer 1
Planning of a study for IVDR-compliant procurement of defined blood samples for registration studies for in vitro diagnostics. This includes the study management, including conducting the necessary communication with the competent ethics committee, as well as the establishment, management and operation of a study centre for the recruitment and enrolment of subjects, as well as the practical implementation of subject recruitment (inclusion testing and medical information), blood sampling and IVDR-compliant documentation.

Diagnostics manufacturers 2
Support of the diagnostics manufacturer in the preparation of the technical file for the IVDR-compliant approval of existing and new in vitro diagnostics