Product- and Serviceportfolio

Innovation & Communication

The ImmBioMed division “Innovation and Communication” offers consulting and planning services for the identification, concept development and planning of innovative offers in the field of medical diagnostics.

If necessary, the planning takes into account the requirements and conditions of the current In vitro Diagnostics Directive of the European Union (IVDR).

A particular strength is the planning and execution of descriptive and exploratory studies for the development of diagnostics, including definition of the study procedure, preparation and supervision of necessary applications to the ethics committee, as well as coordination of the planning with clients and study centres. Finally, practical immunological and molecular biological tests can also be carried out in our own laboratories (laboratory infrastructure and production).

Finally, the division offers the conception, preparation and implementation of target group-specific Internet-based communication projects in the field of medical diagnostics.

All activities are based on Prof. Dr. med. M. Kramer’s many years of practical experience as a board-certified specialist in laboratory medicine (clinical pathologist) and as a consultant for renowned diagnostics companies.

Laboratory infrastructure & Production

The ImmBioMed division “Laboratory Infrastructure & Production” offers the possibility for practical laboratory work including the production of reagents and test sets (Research Use Only; RUO) in the fields of immunology and molecular biology.

This division relies on its own laboratory infrastructure for the necessary molecular biological and immunological work in the technology park of the biomedical campus area of the University of Heidelberg “Im Neuenheimer Feld”.

The infrastructure includes workstations for immunological work, in particular for classical ELISA technology but also for fluorescence immunoassays, workstations for molecular biological work including classical PCR and real-time PCR, DNA fragment analysis and flow cytometry.

Based on this infrastructure, ImmBioMed has developed expertise for the practical development of enzyme- or fluorescence.based immunoassays, functional enzyme tests, molecular biological tests (based on the polymerase chain reaction) and flow cytometric procedures.

In 2018, ImmBioMed took over the “specialty coagulation” product line of the former American Diagnostica GmbH. This is a range of RUO products in the field of haemostasis. Based on the laboratory infrastructure, this product line will be continued and further developed.

ImmBioMed has appointed LOXO GmbH as its exclusive partner for the worldwide distribution of these products. For further information and to purchase these products, please follow the link to the website of LOXO GmbH.

Both the laboratory infrastructure and the development expertise are also made available to external users within the framework of contractual usage or development agreements.

Development & Documentation

The ImmBioMed division “Development & Documentation” offers development services from the conception to the practical production of laboratory reagents or test sets (RUO & IVD).

This especially concerns projects and products in the fields of immunology and molecular biology.

For this purpose this department uses the above mentioned own laboratory workstations for molecular biological and immunological work.

If necessary, development work takes into account the requirements of the current In vitro Diagnostics Directive (IVDR) of the European Union; this includes, among other things, study planning including statistics, ethics committee vote, sample procurement and preparation of technical documentation.