Flexible business relationships

The business relationship between ImmBioMed and its customers can span from mere fee-for-service testing services to consultant services in the frame of a complex clinical assay development project, which includes the development and validation of pre-analytic sample processing and obtaining a positive ethics committee vote.

(i) a costumers may wish to send in samples for testing. In this case the type of assay and assay performance, as well as the scope and extent of assay validation will be pre-defined to fit the customer’s requirements. ImmBioMed will take care of the actual testing on a fee-for-service basis.

(ii) a customers may wish to obtain the validated assays system and do the actual testing in own laboratories. In this case, the assay will be developed and validated according to predefined requirements. Ready-to-use reagents will then be provided to the customer. Consulting for implementation and during testing will be provided on an as-needed basis.

(iii) a customer may wish to do all development and testing work in-house. ImmBioMed will provide consulting services for optimal assay design and validation.

ImmBioMed has successfully provided services under all three business modalities.

For example, ImmBioMed has provided consulting services for the development of a novel solid phase ligand binding assay for coagulation parameters.

ImmBioMed has developed PCR protocols which allowed its costumer to contract over 200 corporate and institutional customers.

ImmBioMed has developed assay systems for a newly discovered pathogen by antibody testing and by PCR-based testing. The latter included the development of methods for detection the pathogens in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded biopsies.

These are just a few selected projects.
More information on actual projects can be provided upon request.
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